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Terms & Conditions - The Formalities


As an alternative practitioner, limited to the field of psychotherapy, I am subject to professional secrecy according to Article 3 of the BOH (professional code for non-medical practitioners). This also applies to family members, unless the type of illness or treatment requires notification. There is also a duty of confidentiality towards other medical or therapeutic professionals, teachers, employers and insurance companies. In the event that information is provided, a written release from the duty of confidentiality is required. Adolescents from the age of 15 must also agree in writing to a release from the duty of confidentiality (also towards their legal guardians), provided they are found to be capable of insight and there is no therapeutic emergency or other dangerous situation.


In an initial consultation, we get to know each other a little and determine whether the "chemistry" between us is right, because this is a decisive factor for the success of therapy. We will also clarify your concerns, your goals and needs and you will get an insight into my working methods. If we decide to work together, the initial consultation can also go directly into an anamnesis consultation and then into the creation of a therapy plan, which we discuss together and then implement step by step in the course of the therapy.


If we have decided to work together, the agreed dates are reserved especially for you. If you are unable to keep one of these as agreed, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Please understand that if you cancel at short notice - apart from emergencies - I will charge a cancellation in the amount of a session fee.

Advantages as a Self-Payer

Formalities don't matter. Your treatment remains a private matter! You decide how to handle your personal information and data. There is no transmission to your health insurance company. In this way, you will not have any later disadvantages when choosing a career or when switching to a private health insurance company or supplementary insurance. You can claim medical expenses (extraordinary expenses) for tax purposes.

All statutory health insurance therapists are bound to a specific therapy procedure due to their contractual arrangements with the statutory health insurance companies. As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I am not subject to these contractual restrictions and am therefore free to decide on the treatment method - for your benefit. In addition to the classic procedures, I can therefore offer all clients an individually tailored and effective treatment concept, regardless of the contractual requirements of the health insurance companies.



Treatment in a private practice cannot usually be billed to the statutory health insurance company. My tip: Ask your statutory health insurance company about a bridging period. This this may be possible if the waiting time for a therapy place approved by health insurance companies lasts several weeks or even months. In some cases, statutory health insurance covers 5-10 sessions with alternative practitioners for psychotherapy as a bridging measure.

The reimbursement of costs for psychotherapeutic treatment can be partially or fully covered by private health insurance companies and supplementary alternative insurance companies. Please ask your insurance company about the exact conditions as these vary greatly.

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