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Kerstin Kellis, M.A.
Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy

We live in often trying times full of challenges...​

I am here to support you in the following situations:

  • Personal & Family conflicts 

  • Separation and divorce

  • Miscarriages and still births

  • Professional and school challenges

  • Toxic Relationships

  • Exhaustion

  • Burnout


My Approach

We all find ourselves at points in our lives where things just can't continue as before. Everyone knows this feeling: It feels like you're running into an invisible wall, like you're stuck or not up to a challenge. Crises do not arise out of nowhere, but show exactly these "turning points"; Points where we are forced to stop, to examine our patterns, to let go of things/plans/people or to look at them anew and to sort of recalibrate. It is important to embrace the crisis as something that is inevitable but also valuable. Because through them we can find and tread new paths. And we are also offered the chance to find out who we really are.


No matter how severe a crisis, each of us has the tools and resources to face it. We just have to become aware of them (again) and (re)activate them. Blows of fate in the course of life cannot be avoided. How we deal with them - and above all with ourselves - is crucial to emerge from these situations in one piece and strengthened.


In addition to the classic tools of talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, my therapeutic work is primarily based on body-oriented mindfulness-based methods. We live in a very head-oriented time where we often find ourselves alienated from our bodies. This has various causes, all of which have in common that we often no longer feel ourselves properly, can no longer interpret our feelings and intuition correctly and succumb to emotional misinterpretations, fears and conflicts. In addition, there are "self-medication" and "narcotics" of all kinds, and by that I don't just mean the abuse of classic substances. Often we also fight desperate battles with ourselves in the pursuit of optimization and perfection.

It is important to me to accompany you in a supportive and emphatic manner through crises, conflicts and the challenges of life and to lead you back to an authentic, satisfied and happy self. Together we work out possibilities for change and develop solution- and resource-oriented alternatives.


The focus of my work with you is never on the problem, but always on the result you want. I am here to show perspectives, to provide impulses, to offer support for self-help.


Wanting to leave patterns and making changes takes courage. Courage always includes some amount of vulnerability. Being able to show vulnerability is an enormous strength, because only if we are vulnerable can we also grow. The fact that you are now on my website shows me that you already have this courage. I look forward to working with you to build on this courage and strength and to embark on a new, stronger path in life with you.

About Me

Since I am convinced that it is important that you feel safe with me, seen and understood, I would like to tell you a few basic facts about me: I was born in Munich, where I returned after a few years abroad.


Has my life always been carefree? No. Have I experienced low blows and ricochets? Yes, many. Again and again; in my childhood as well as in my adult life. I am a divorced, single mother of a wonderful and sometimes challenging daughter, who was born extremely prematurely. She wasn't my first pregnancy, but the first after which I was allowed to hold a breathing little person in my arms. Even today, life keeps throwing stumbling blocks in our way. And her going into puberty right now brings its own totally new challenges. However, the important thing is not to avoid the roadblocks and challenges completely - because that is simply not possible - but to recognize and accept them as direction indicators, sometimes warning signs, or simply wake-up calls. We are formed and we form. But none of us are helpless and at mercy. No matter what happens, there is always a way. Sometimes it is tortuous, sometimes steep and seemingly impassable, but it is never in vain or for nothing. You just need to find the path again. And it needs to be your path, not someone else’s.


I have made it my mission to support people in finding their way and to walk it courageously and with confidence, to recognize and (re)activate their own resources, to avoid (over)stress, so they can lead an open-minded and fulfilling life.

Education & Professional Training

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy according to the Alternative Practitioner Act, granted by the Department for Health and Environment of the City of Munich

  • Training in talk therapy (according to Rogers)

  • Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Basic Training “Byron Katie’s The Work”

  • Training as a Burnout Coach

  • Training as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

  • Advanced training in various mindfulness-based methods

  • Certification as Practitioner of Somatic Modalities

  • regular continued professional training

  • Degree Magister Artium in American Studies and Psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich

  • Several years of professional residence in the USA

Fees & Appointments

Fee per Session

55 minutes = € 105.00


​If you are currently in a financially challenging situation, please contact me and we will find a solution that is feasible for both parties.


​The cost of my therapeutic services will be billed to you directly. Some private insurance may apply. Please check with your provider. My services are not covered by universal healthcare.

An initial telephone conversation to establish contact, gain basic knowledge of the situation and consult on a possible therapeutic plan is of course free of charge.



Please arrange for an appointment via telephone under 0176 233 777 84.


If I happen to be in a client meeting, please leave your name and telephone number.

You can also contact me via E-Mail under  

Either way, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy


Your appointment is specially reserved for you. If you are unable to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance.


Please understand that if you cancel at short notice - apart from emergencies - I will charge a cancellation fee of €60. In the event of no-show without cancellation, the total session fee is due.

Further information on Terms & Conditions



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